My Journey

I think it’s safe to say we all have periods and happenings in our life that make us stand back and take a deeper look at what we are doing and what our purpose is in life. To feel the desire to search for something deeper.

I certainly had that experience (finally some may say!) this past year. I do not want to and will not go into that and/or the details due to the potential additional damage and trauma it would inevitably cause my daughter. I do, however, want to move on and enjoy the things in life I have been blessed with. Though the list is long, the two I would like to focus on are my family and the beautiful game of football or soccer as it’s called, dependent on where you’re reading this from.

This blog’s intent is to take you on the journey I have been on through my professional life as a player and now as a coach.  To provide insight into the life of a lower league player and now a head coach/ manager in a professional league in a foreign country. I plan to also discuss and dissect the latest happenings in leagues around the world and the tactics that coaches at different levels have used in achieving great performances in big games and competitions. I will give feedback and my personal opinions on a number of happenings in the beautiful game and also give you all a look inside my innerworkings - some insight into my knowledge as a coach and, even more importantly, as a father and loving husband.

Perception can hinder someone’s progress in life, which I have unfortunately learned firsthand. I want this blog to give you, the public, a chance to get to know the real Mark Briggs. Coach, husband, father, son, friend. I want it to be known that I am dedicated to being my best self – both the best person and the best coach I can possibly be. Here’s a glimpse into my never-ending journey to do so.

Yours truly,


[Photo by Mari Carmen Del Valle Cámara on Unsplash]